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Ever wonder why some businesses just seem to get it right all the time? Everything they do seems to come up roses and everything they touch turns to gold?

Well, I can tell you exactly how they do it, and believe me… it’s not rocket science.

Are you ready? Here it is… they create an “emotional connection” with their clients. All of their customers become “sticky”.

Let me explain… Sticky Customers are the best customers any business can ever have, and here’s why…

They're the type of clients every business wants

They're a cost-effective form of advertising

They become great referrers to their family and friends - they never stop telling everyone how great you are

They'll never leave you

Remember, people do business with people they like… it’s a simple concept – but far too easily forgotten.

Research has proven that it costs you much less to get more business from an existing customer, than it does to advertise for a new one. And the more business you have with a client, the less chance there is of them ever going somewhere else.

When clients receive a gift from you – especially gifts with subtle custom-branding – it creates that “emotional connection” which helps them to remember you. Everybody loves to receive a gift. Everybody loves to be surprised and delighted.


Here at KYC, we specialise in creating gifts to impress your customers. And we take care of everything from start to finish. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our site we can customise gifts to suit your needs and budget.

And finally, for your peace of mind… we only use quality products and we guarantee that your gifts will arrive in perfect condition.

So let’s get started. You can then sit back and enjoy the positive feedback, the referrals and the new business that will continue to come your way.

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